Connor Simpson Appointed Gameplay Director

The Quidditch Premier League is delighted to announce the appointment of Connor Simpson as Gameplay Director.

Simpson has been playing since 2012, predominantly with the Keele Squirrels, for whom he acted as club secretary in 2013-14, and most recently with the Brizzlepuffs in Bristol. He has huge amounts of experience at every level of the sport, having been a member of the TeamUK national squad in 2014, and formerly acting as Snitch Development Coordinator for QuidditchUK. Earlier this season, Simpson was the Tournament Director for QuidditchUK’s Southern Cup 2016, a successful major tournament that saw 20 teams competing for the regional championship.

In his role as Gameplay Director, Simpson will be instrumental to coordinating the policies and regulations surrounding the heart of what we do – hosting incredible games on a national scale.

‘The Quidditch Premier League has the potential to be a big boost for quidditch in the UK,’ Simpson said. ‘It’s a national league that gives official summer features, it’s helping to reach out to make quidditch a little more mainstream, and it’s a chance to help develop quidditch across the country with the forming of regional teams. I’m happy that I’m able to be involved because I think if you want something a certain way you’ve just got to jump in and do your best.’

‘We’re thrilled to have Connor on board,’ Director Jack Lennard said. ‘Running anything in an emerging sport can be tricky, and running something on this huge scale is even more so – that’s why having the right people involved, who are committed and passionate to building our sport, is absolutely vital. Connor has a wealth of talent and experience, and I can’t wait to get started on this project with him.’

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