For the 2017 Quidditch Premier League season, the following managers have been appointed:

qpl managers colourArtboard 1.png

Read on for more information on each manager!

South Division:

The London Monarchs – Ben Pooley

Ben Pooley is currently playing their fourth season with the London Unspeakables during the regular season, and is the club’s most capped player. Their experience and knowledge of the game is clear, having been part of the team officiating the 2016 IQA World Cup final, and helped to select Team UK in 2015.

Ben Pooley (right) at the 2016 IQA World Cup in Frankfurt, where they officiated the final

The Southwest Broadside – Connor Simpson

Connor Simpson was QuidditchUK’s tournament director for Southern Cup 2016. In addition to this, he has significant experience with the Keele Squirrels and has been a member of Team UK in 2014. In addition to this, Simpson has previously held the role of Snitch Development Coordinator for QuidditchUK.

11009939_10205795909808164_6000117013304278324_n-2 (1)-1.jpg
Connor Simpson has a wealth of experience from his years with the Keele Squirrels

The Southeast Knights – Michael Ansell

Michael Ansell was coach of the Nottingham Nightmares during the 2015-2016 regular season, leading the team to qualification for the 2016 European Quidditch Cup and eventual bronze medals in the tournament. During that impressive run of form under Ansell, the team also won Northern Cup 2015, and produced a very strong showing at the British Quidditch Cup, finishing 4th.

Michael Ansell-1.jpg
Michael Ansell guided the Nottingham Nightmares to European Glory in 2016

The Eastern Mermaids
Sally Higginson

Sally Higginson has been involved in the sport at almost every level. She coached the Swansea Seven Swans during their first season of existence, and has snitched national and international tournaments. When not on the pitch, Higginson has been involved at the administrative level, writing policies and being part of tournament committees, perhaps most notably the 2015 European Quidditch Cup.

Sally Higginson has coached the Swansea Seven Swans, and snitched at the highest levels

North Division:

The Northern Watch – Eddie Bruce

Eddie Bruce is the current coach for the Sheffield Squids during the regular season, studying Physics at Sheffield University. With a background in a wide variety of sports, he has also impressed by partnering the Squids with BBC Sport’s Get Inspired campaign, which has led to the club’s events soon being featured on the BBC Sport website.

Eddie Bruce (left) has spearheaded a partnership between the Sheffield Squids and BBC Sport’s Get Inspired campaign

The Yorkshire Roses – Peggy Cook

Peggy Cook currently serves as vice-captain for the Sheffield Squids, but her experience in the sport stretches well beyond that. A player for the Chester Centurions since 2013, her playing career then took her to Leeds, while experience with the Amazing and Mighty Quercs since 2014 has exposed her to the highest levels of the sport in Europe.

Peggy Cook is no stranger to elite quidditch, having represented the Quercs in Barcelona

The East Midlands Archers – Matthew Guenzel

Matthew Guenzel was most recently known for being the tournament director for the 2016 IQA World Cup in Frankfurt, Germany, an event that saw countries from around the world compete at the highest level. His initiative and ambition as tournament director won global praise. He was also vice-president of QuidditchUK between 2012 and 2015, playing a key part in establishing the organisation as a legitimate National Governing Body.

13754308_10207948323923834_764552391670874208_n (1).jpg
Matthew Guenzel was behind the hugely ambitious and successful 2016 IQA World Cup in Frankfurt, Germany

The West Midlands Revolution Ben Morton

Ben Morton was president of QuidditchUK between 2012 and 2014, overseeing the introduction of the British Quidditch Cup in 2013. Morton has significant experience with the UK’s national team, Team UK, having captained the side first in 2012 and again in 2016, when the team won bronze medals at the 2016 IQA World Cup. He was also coach for Team UK in 2014.

Ben Morton, here seen captaining Team UK during their successful run to win bronze medals at the 2016 IQA World Cup