Quidditch Premier League Partners With SISU Mouthguards To Offer Players And Volunteers Discount

The Quidditch Premier League are delighted to announce a partnership with SISU Mouthguards. This partnership will give all Quidditch Premier League players and volunteers the chance to buy mouthguards from SISU through the Quidditch Premier League for up to 50% off the retail price.

The SISU Mouthguards logo will also feature on the front of the kits for the West Midlands Revolution and the Southeast Knights as a final element of the partnership.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 17.12.51.png

‘I’m really excited by this,’ said Director of the Quidditch Premier League Jack Lennard. ‘Safety is something we take extremely seriously, and SISU provide comfortable protection for many players in the sport already. This partnership will allow that safety to be even more accessible for our players and volunteers, and is just one more perk of being part of the Quidditch Premier League.’

Mouthguards are not mandatory for the 2017 season, but are very strongly recommended. Players and volunteers will be contacted shortly to place their orders.

You can follow SISU on Facebook and Twitter.

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