Quidditch Premier League Announces Several New Volunteers

The Quidditch Premier League are pleased to announce some new additions to our formidable organisational team. These are Raza Khan, who will be joining Ollie Riley as Co-Northern Director, Laura Jamieson, who will be working with Communications Director Thomas Ffiske as Communications Executive, and Matt Smith and Keiron Bishton, who will both be working with Logistics Director Mubariz Mujtaba in his department.

Raza Khan will work alongside Ollie Riley as Co-Northern Director.
Laura Jamieson has joined as Communications Executive.

‘Once again, we have shown our ambition and our dedication to this project by bringing on these fantastic volunteers,’ Director Jack Lennard said. ‘With their help, we can build something really special in the coming season. Raza has already been vital to scouting out venues, Laura has put her talents to great use by helping craft one of our press releases, and Matt and Keiron are both playing large roles in the logistical and video streaming planning for the season ahead. I’m delighted to have all of them join us.’

Keiron Bishton brings a wealth of passion to the Logistics Department | Photo credit: Katherine Watson

All four of these new volunteers have immediately begun work within the Quidditch Premier League, and will no doubt be absolutely invaluable to the growth of the organisation. Welcome aboard!

Matt Smith will be vital in planning the logistical elements of video coverage for the 2017 season | Photo credit: Sam Instone

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