Quidditch Premier League Announces Several New Volunteers

The Quidditch Premier League are pleased to announce some new additions to our formidable organisational team. These are Raza Khan, who will be joining Ollie Riley as Co-Northern Director, Laura Jamieson, who will be working with Communications Director Thomas Ffiske as Communications Executive, and Matt Smith and Keiron Bishton, who will both be working with Logistics Director Mubariz Mujtaba in his department.

Raza Khan will work alongside Ollie Riley as Co-Northern Director.
Laura Jamieson has joined as Communications Executive.

‘Once again, we have shown our ambition and our dedication to this project by bringing on these fantastic volunteers,’ Director Jack Lennard said. ‘With their help, we can build something really special in the coming season. Raza has already been vital to scouting out venues, Laura has put her talents to great use by helping craft one of our press releases, and Matt and Keiron are both playing large roles in the logistical and video streaming planning for the season ahead. I’m delighted to have all of them join us.’

Keiron Bishton brings a wealth of passion to the Logistics Department | Photo credit: Katherine Watson

All four of these new volunteers have immediately begun work within the Quidditch Premier League, and will no doubt be absolutely invaluable to the growth of the organisation. Welcome aboard!

Matt Smith will be vital in planning the logistical elements of video coverage for the 2017 season | Photo credit: Sam Instone

Quidditch Premier League Partners With SISU Mouthguards To Offer Players And Volunteers Discount

The Quidditch Premier League are delighted to announce a partnership with SISU Mouthguards. This partnership will give all Quidditch Premier League players and volunteers the chance to buy mouthguards from SISU through the Quidditch Premier League for up to 50% off the retail price.

The SISU Mouthguards logo will also feature on the front of the kits for the West Midlands Revolution and the Southeast Knights as a final element of the partnership.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 17.12.51.png

‘I’m really excited by this,’ said Director of the Quidditch Premier League Jack Lennard. ‘Safety is something we take extremely seriously, and SISU provide comfortable protection for many players in the sport already. This partnership will allow that safety to be even more accessible for our players and volunteers, and is just one more perk of being part of the Quidditch Premier League.’

Mouthguards are not mandatory for the 2017 season, but are very strongly recommended. Players and volunteers will be contacted shortly to place their orders.

You can follow SISU on Facebook and Twitter.

Quidditch Premier League Announces Partnership With Two Hands Events

The Quidditch Premier League can today announce that brooms and hoops for the 2017 season will be provided by Two Hands Events.

‘Two Hands have immediately set themselves up as purveyors of quality equipment for our sport,’ Director of the Quidditch Premier League Jack Lennard said. ‘The hoops and brooms they provide for our 2017 season will match the high level of play that the Quidditch Premier League will bring to the UK this season, and I’m looking forward to working with them on this project.’


All equipment will feature the Quidditch Premier League’s distinctive brand, and will ensure all players have everything they need to perform at their very best this summer. The team at Two Hands Events represents a group of incredibly experienced members of the community, and it’s from this background that the quality and safety of the equipment used by the Quidditch Premier League will come.

‘We can’t wait to get started on this project with the team over at the Quidditch Premier League,’ said Two Hands Events Director Matthew Guenzel. ‘Everyone involved is really excited to push the boundaries of what this sport is about. Let’s go and #changethegametogether.’

2017 Quidditch Premier League Rulebook and Gameplay Amendments

Official rulebook

QPL matches will be played according to USQ Rulebook 10 with QuidditchUK Amendments and the following QPL amendments. Information on registering interest as an official, and certification, will be released shortly.

Revised seeker floor and snitch handicaps

The snitch will be released at 19 minutes of game time. The seekers will be released at 20 minutes of game time. Snitch handicaps will be called at 25, 30 and 35 minutes. The handicaps themselves are unchanged from the rules adopted by QuidditchUK from USQ Rulebook 10.

Game time cap

Game time will be capped at 45 minutes. The timekeeper will warn the head referee at 40 minutes, who will announce this to both teams. If the snitch is not caught, the team that is leading on quaffle points wins the game.

Backcourt violation

Once the quaffle has been advanced by a team outside their keeper-zone, if the ball is carried or propelled by any player on the same team back into their own keeper-zone, this results in a turnover of quaffle possession with the following clarifications:

  • The backcourt violation call is made at the time the quaffle carrier steps into the keeper-zone, or a quaffle reaches its destination in the keeper-zone (touching the ground or touching a player of the same team)
  • Legal contact (e.g. tackle/push/stiffarm) that pushes a quaffle carrier back into their own keeper-zone results in a violation and quaffle turnover
  • A beater from the same team propelling a loose quaffle into their own keeper-zone with a bludger will result in a violation
  • Brooms down is called on a backcourt violation call. The quaffle is turned over to the quaffle player nearest to the player who last contacted the quaffle before the quaffle entered the keeper-zone. The player who commits the violation remains on broom.
  • Shot attempts by a team that cross their own keeper-zone line are not backcourt violations.


Timeouts are stoppages in play and game time.

  • Each team receives one, one-minute timeout per game.
  • Timeouts may only be called before the snitch is released (19 minutes).
  • The timeout may be requested by the on-pitch keeper, the speaking captain or the designated coach only.
  • The timeout may only be requested by the keeper, in their own keeper zone, with possession of the quaffle, and with immunity.
  • On receiving the request, the head referee stops play. The head referee may delay stopping to allow active beater play to resolve.
  • After checking with the scorers table, the head referee announces the game time and score. The timeout lasts one minute, starting from this announcement.
  • At the end of the minute, the referee signals the end of the timeout with one whistle.
  • Penalty – Blue card – Any illegal attempt to call a timeout or refusal to end the timeout when the referee instructs players to return to their brooms and the sub box will result in the speaking captain of the team at fault receiving a blue card.
  • No substitutions may be made during the timeout.

Championship fixture rosters

Although teams will have to select a roster of 21 from their 30 players for each divisional fixture, all 30 players can attend the Championship fixture with their teams. Teams will then select 21 players from this for each game, rather than for the fixture as a whole. This will enable all players to experience the excitement of the Quidditch Premier League Championship.

Epione Medical Services Sign Three-Year Deal As Quidditch Premier League Exclusive Medical Partner

The Quidditch Premier League are proud to announce that Epione Medical Services have signed a three-year deal to act as the League’s exclusive medical partner. The contract means that players in the Quidditch Premier League will receive Epione’s exemplary medical care at events.

‘Player safety is a major concern for us,’ Quidditch Premier League Director Jack Lennard said. ‘Epione have an incredibly strong understanding of the sport, and have proven time and time again to be a fantastic choice for medical coverage at quidditch events. Securing this partnership with Epione will help keep our players safe as we put on thrilling and high quality events every summer.’

epione logo redrawn.jpg

The agreement will begin for the 2017 season, and will also run during the 2018 and 2019 Quidditch Premier League seasons.

‘We are thrilled to be able to work with the Quidditch Premier League, and watch it grow with the sport over the coming years’ Epione Medical Services Director Paul Kizintas said. ‘Above all we are pleased to be in a position to help with the safe running and the promotion of safe practice within the Quidditch Premier League and the wider quidditch community.’

We’re excited to work with Epione for this and future seasons, and look forward to what will surely be a very healthy partnership.

2017 QPL Championship to be held at KCOM Craven Park Stadium, Hull

The 2017 Quidditch Premier League Championship fixture will be held at KCOM Craven Park Stadium in Hull on Saturday 26th August, it can be revealed.

stadium announcementArtboard 1.png

The stadium is home to Hull Kingston Rovers rugby club, currently top of the Rugby League Championship. It has a 12,225 capacity, and a full size professional grass rugby pitch, which will be marked out with three quidditch pitches for the purposes of the Championship.

Spectators will have access to the Roger Millward West Stand, which has a seated capacity of 5000. Players will also have use of the away changing room and showers, as well as additional rooms within the stand to rest and prepare. The stadium also features a bar in a gallery overlooking the pitch, as well as a central food kiosk, both of which will be open for the Championship. In addition to this, the stadium features a high quality PA sound system, as well as large car parks adjacent to the stadium itself.

Hull is easy to get to; the city is well serviced by train and coach. The stadium itself is even easier to get to; there are bus services running direct from the station to the stadium departing every 10 minutes, taking only 20 minutes.


‘We are delighted to be bringing the sport we all love to a professional stadium for the first time in the UK,’ Director Jack Lennard said. ‘Not only is it a fantastic facility, but it’s based in an excellent location for a Championship. There are strong transport links to the city, the stadium is easy to get to, and Hull is currently the 2017 City of Culture – something we hope to get involved with and maximise our presence! I can’t wait for the season to get underway, and I hope our players and fans are as excited about this venue as I am.’

The rest of our fixture venues for the 2017 Quidditch Premier League season will be announced in the next week.

If you have any questions about the stadium or club, please contact Sarah Sparke at sarah.sparke@hullkr.co.uk.

Quidditch Premier League 2017 Charity Announced

The Quidditch Premier League can today announce that the UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group (UKLGIG) will receive charitable proceeds raised in our inaugural 2017 season. The group (registered charity 1158228, formerly 1101400) promotes equality and dignity for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) people who seek asylum in the UK, or who wish to immigrate here to be with their same-sex partner.

When paying for their membership to the Quidditch Premier League at the end of the month, players will have the (completely optional) choice to round up their £67 fee to £70. Each of the optional £3 donations made will be set aside and will then be given to the UKLGIG.


‘The sport of quidditch has never been shy in promoting our values of inclusivity and diversity,’ Director Jack Lennard said. ‘I am beyond grateful for this opportunity to truly put our money where our mouth is. In times like these, when the dignity of LGBTQ+ immigrants is being stripped away, and human beings are increasingly used as political bargaining chips, this is our chance to do something that could make a real difference.’

The UKLGIG offer support and information to LGBTQ+ asylum seekers through a qualified legal team, as well as aiding research and policy development that will improve the quality of the UK immigration process. Founded in 1993 as Stonewall Immigration Group, the UKLGIG celebrated its 20th birthday in 2013.

Quidditch Premier League partners with Triple Hoops Films

The Quidditch Premier League is tonight thrilled to announce a partnership with Triple Hoops Films. Triple Hoops  Films are perhaps best known for their film ‘Fly: Journey to Frankfurt’, which covered the UK national team at the IQA 2016 World Cup, and was met with acclaim. They will be filming sections of the inaugural Quidditch Premier League season this summer for a series of highlight reels.

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 19.19.11.png
Triple Hoops Films will be partnering with the Quidditch Premier League for the 2017 season

‘I am so excited to be working with the Triple Hoops Films team this season,’ Director Jack Lennard said. ‘One of the Quidditch Premier League’s key pillars is creating a product that inspires people to get involved with this amazing sport. As I’m sure anyone who has ever seen their work can tell you, Triple Hoops Films are very well qualified to help us create the level of quality video material that this sport deserves.’

Triple Hoops Films will be creating a highlight reel for each of the eight Quidditch Premier League teams, as well as a highlight reel for the Championship itself. In addition to this, they will also be creating a film covering members of the LGBTQ+ community within the Quidditch Premier League, and another focusing on non-males in the sport.

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 19.20.23.png
Caroline Taylor and Jennie Grimes, the founders of Triple Hoops Films | Photo credit: Triple Hoops Films

‘We are so excited to be working with the Quidditch Premier League in the upcoming summer season!’ Caroline Taylor, Director of Triple Hoops Films, said. ‘There’s loads of amazing content on the way for all the teams in the league, and we can’t wait to be at the forefront of capturing the magic of this next phase in UK quidditch.’

For all the latest updates, follow Triple Hoops Films on Facebook.