The inaugural QPL season, in the summer of 2017, will have two divisions – North Division and South Division – with four teams in each.

The eight teams for the QPL 2017 season will be brand new teams exclusive to the league, with brands based around the heritage of the region they represent. They will be based on regional areas, and so players will be able to join the team whose catchment area they live in over the summer (or the closest one to them if they live outside one of the catchment areas). Residential policies regarding eligibility for teams will be released in the near future.

The full list of teams for the QPL 2017 season are:

South Division:

  • The London Monarchs – after the residing Royal Family in the capital
  • The Southwest Broadside – after the seafaring and piratical history in the area
  • The Southeast Knights – after the legacy of the Battle of Hastings
  • The Eastern Mermaids – after the many ‘drowned cities’ off the eastern coast

North Division:

  • The Northern Watch – after the iconic Hadrian’s Wall
  • The Yorkshire Roses – after the region’s famous symbol
  • The East Midlands Archers – after the legend of Robin Hood
  • The West Midlands Revolution – after the heritage of the Industrial Revolution

Each team will have a logo and a kit designed specifically for them, and we will fully launch  the teams over the next few months – so watch this space!

Teams has a manager, and you can see the appointed managers for the 2017 season here. The managers can either take a playing slot on their roster or be a non-playing manager.

Once the managers are announced, the QPL will work with the teams to organise tryouts in their relevant areas. These will take place in February 2017. Rosters will consist of 30 players, with 21 players selected from those rosters for each fixture.

For more information, please see our FAQ.