The Quidditch Premier League season starts in the early spring, where managers hold try-outs for their teams. Selected players then start training together before the divisional fixtures start in June. The League is an elite summer tournament, with the Championship held in late August.

Anyone can try out for the Quidditch Premier League. Some players make the team after several years of playing quidditch, others get picked after playing for only a few months. Try-outs are attended by players of all levels of experience and abilities, and some try-outs are open for players who do not wish to compete with QPL, but would like their first taste of what it means to train with potential QPL players. Being on a QPL team in the previous season does not guarantee you a spot for the next, with old and new players having equal chance of joining.

Quidditch is open to all players of any gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, and background. The nature of quidditch means the sport is inclusive to all, welcoming all interested players. Some players start quidditch having never been on a sports team before, seeking a fun inclusive way to get fit, whilst others join having previously trained in other sports. Most quidditch clubs welcome all, so don’t hold back!

For the majority of players, the QPL is not their first experience of quidditch. Throughout the UK – and across the globe internationally- hundreds of teams train and compete throughout the year. QuidditchUK (QUK) hold a competitive season for UK teams starting around October and traditionally ending in March, open to any QUK registered team. Some QUK teams are university affiliated; others open to the whole community. The list of current clubs registered with QUK can be found here. If you live outside the UK, the International Quidditch Association (IQA)  can direct you to your country’s website and their own list of clubs. The IQA’s website can be found here.

If there is no team currently training near you, you can always start your own quidditch team. Many teams are started by people with no experience before, with passion and dedication propelling their teams to the top of the league tables. If you are interested in starting your own team and wish for some guidance, feel free to contact us at

We look forward to welcoming you to our sport!