The London Monarchs won the Quidditch Premier League Championship, crowned as the national champions of the sport for this season. The London Monarchs won against the Southeast Knights with a score of 160* against 80 (the asterisk indicates the snitch catch).

Held at Cardiff Arms Park, all ten QPL teams competed to claim the title of UK champions, with the very best players in the UK competing for the top prize.


Photo credit: Jessica Cornelius

The game was closely contested, with the Souteast Knights having tactical beaters who maintained control of the field. Over time, the London Monarchs pushed hard with their chasers, employing tactics which enabled tight passes for swift goals. Over time the Monarchs developed a lead in points, and in the end their seeker caught the snitch to claim victory.

Hosted at Cardiff Arms Park, this marked the end of the second season of the Quidditch Premier League. Held in partnership with Pride Cymru, the Championship saw hundreds of people people attend the event to watch the players compete and support their local team.

Jack Lennard, the Director of the Quidditch Premier League, commented: “Since unveiling Wales’ national team, it seemed fitting to host the Championship at the land of the dragons. It is even more poignant that the day came in collaboration with Pride Cymru, where inclusivity is celebrated by Cardiff’s citizens. The London Monarchs are deserved champions, and we thank all our teams for championing our collective values, together!”


Photo credit: Jessica Cornelius

The Quidditch Premier League (QPL) represents the most elite level of the sport in the United Kingdom. Tem teams from two divisions across the UK compete to become national champions.  The QPL season runs from June to August, with each team playing three divisional fixtures. The 2018 final saw Northern and Southern teams play against each other for the first time this season in the battle to become national champions.