What is the Quidditch Premier League?

The QPL is an ambitious project that seeks to bring exciting and competitive league play to the United Kingdom during the QuidditchUK off-season, which is between June and August.

When does the ‘season’ run?

A season runs from June to August.

Is the QPL affiliated with QuidditchUK?

Currently, the QPL is run as a separate organisation to QUK, and there are no plans to formally become a part of QUK in the future. However, we are grateful to help the UK’s National Governing Body build the sport of quidditch in the UK and around the world. The QPL would not be possible without the support the sport has gained from this incredibly professional and effective National Governing Body, and we are grateful for everything they have done for quidditch.

Will the teams be QuidditchUK official?

No. The QPL teams will be brand new, each representing a geographic ‘catchment area’. The areas are based on the official ‘regions’ of England, and the teams representing them, are:

South Division:

  • The London Monarchs
  • The Southwest Broadside
  • The Southeast Knights
  • The Eastern Mermaids

North Division:

  • The Northern Watch
  • The Yorkshire Roses
  • The East Midlands Archers
  • The West Midlands Revolution

I’m from Scotland/Wales/Ireland. Why isn’t there a team near me? 

Those living outside catchment areas can be allocated a team to try out for on an individual basis. We want to emphasise that no matter where you live in the UK, even if you are outside our catchment areas, you can be allocated a team to try out for – and so the QPL will be open to any player within the UK. We’ll let you know how you can apply for this allocation when registration for try-outs open.

Unfortunately, we simply do not have the resources in this inaugural season to be as large as we would want to be. However, we are extremely hopeful of being able to add further teams in the coming seasons, both in areas without teams and in larger or more populous areas only currently covered by one team. Watch this space!

What rulebook will the QPL use?

As a UK-based league, we will be using QuidditchUK’s 2016/17 amendments to USQ’s Rulebook 10. Exact details on how to register as an official, and the rate of payment for officials, will be announced closer to the time.

Who runs the teams?

Each team has an appointed manager, for which applications will open in the near future. These managers can either take a playing spot on the roster, or be non-playing. They are responsible for their team, for tryouts, and liaising with the League.

How are the teams made up?

Each team will hold regional tryouts in their catchment areas in February. The best 30 players will be chosen by that team’s manager, and they will form that team’s Championship roster. 21 players from those 30 will be selected for each fixture, providing some flexibility and strategy, as well as allowances for fatigue over the course of the season.

How do the fixtures work?

Fixtures are held fortnightly, with one being held for each division, and consist of each team playing the other three divisional competitors once over the course of the day in a round-robin format. The location of the divisional fixtures will move around the region to ensure that all teams have a certain amount of fixtures close to home.

Will there be a Championship Weekend?

Each QPL season ends with a championship weekend at a stadium.

Do I have to be an ‘elite’ player to try out?

Absolutely not. Just come along and bring your best game. We’re offering one of the best opportunities to shine in the UK game, regardless of what club you play for during the season.

What about brooms/hoops/kit?

We are hoping to partner with several organisations to provide standardised equipment, so please bear with us while we work to bring the very best quality accessories to our events.

How much will it cost?

All funds in this initial season will go towards covering costs and building resources to expand next season.

Official kits will be available. We are currently working to secure the best prices and quality for our players as they play in the QPL. These kits will be compulsory for the players on each team.

Each player will pay a membership fee of £67 at the start of the season. It’s a flat fee that allows you to play in our tournaments (and keeps us running). It also covers your kit – a fully sublimated and personalised jersey, shorts, and socks, provided by SAVAGE. This cost can be reduced significantly through participation with the SAVAGE Player Programme.

Based on our initial research, incorporating three separate day-long divisional fixtures that will move around the regions (thus ensuring no team has to travel extremely far on multiple occasions), and a championship weekend based centrally, we anticipate travel costs averaging around £40 per event per each of the four events. Of course, this will vary.

We will do our utmost to keep costs down for players throughout the season. As we grow, we intend to offer even greater value year on year.

Can I be a part of it?

Of course! If you want to take on a role and help us change the game, check out our openings here. We will be releasing details on how to register for try-outs or volunteer as an official closer to the time.