We’re looking for dedicated, enthusiastic, and innovative volunteers to join our team and help us change the game.

To apply to one of the below roles, please send a CV and a brief summary of why you’d like to join us in that role to contact@quidditchpremierleague.com. If none of the below roles suit you – send your CV in anyway and a summary of what you can offer! We’re a growing and flexible team, and we’d love to consider you for a place.

We don’t need you to be popular. We don’t need you to have had a huge volunteering role in quidditch before. We just want you to tell us what your talents are, and to share them with us to help make this unique project happen. Any questions? Feel free to shoot them over.

Will you be a Gamechanger?

Available Positions:

North Division Directors

In charge of organising the North Division, liaising with teams in that division, ensuring fixtures have a venue and are run smoothly on the day, working closely with other directors (such as Gameplay and Logistics) to maintain the North Division.


Logistics Director

In charge of allocating volunteers for fixtures, finding locations for fixtures, and help to organise the movement of equipment to and from fixtures.