The Quidditch Premier League is a summer league of elite competitive play in the United Kingdom. The season’s first fixtures begin around June and the Championship is held in August.

Following a successful inaugural season, the QPL will run its 2018 season in the same format. Regional divisions of teams compete against each other in a regular schedule of three fixtures.  At each fixture all the teams in that division will play each other before heading to the Championship. The highly anticipated Championship concludes the QPL season, bringing the teams from each division together to crown a champion.

The Quidditch Premier League meets the demand for a UK league that has been present for years. Inspired by the success of Major League Quidditch in North America, nobody else has truly attempted to bring a project of this scale to British quidditch players across the nation. That is, until now.

The Quidditch Premier League is the focus of domestic quidditch during the summer months, providing a spectacle  for those new and old to the sport alike.